B for Burrito

B had fierce competition: brunch, beer, Burmese, bratwurst … and the list can go on. But when it came to the final decision, it was a no brainer – burritos! If you google mission burritos, you will find 527,000 results. There’s even a wiki about it. When you search on Yelp, there’s dozens of options with 4 star ratings. My mission was to find the best out of the 1,000+ reviewed burritos joints.

1. El Farolito

Trust me, I tried my hardest to find another burrito better than this one, because I didn’t want to agree with the popular consensus. But still, this one won my stomach. Plus, the quality has been consistent every time.


2. La Taqueria

Yum yum. The burrito was delicious. The only reason it was not #1 was because they consistently don’t have la lengua and the burrito was a little smaller than El Farolito.


3.Pancho Villa Taqueria

Although the burrito could use some more meat and less sour cream, they had a wonderful salsa bar that made up for it.


4. La Oaxaqueña

Although we went on a search for burritos, we couldn’t resist ordering the tacos when we arrived. It was so delicious that it made this list. As an added bonus, you don’t have the long line to wait in that is typical of the other taquerias in the area.


5. Taqueria Cancún

Still fabulous, just need a little more meat.


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