Top 8 Things to Do in Bar Harbor Maine

Before we moved from Virginia to California, we did a east coast road trip. One of the highlights was Bar Harbor  area and Acadia National Park (America’s first nation park). Here you will find our favorite 8 spots in this photo journal.

Cadillac Mountain

In the fall and winter, sunrise on Cadillac Mountain is the first visible sunrise in the US. Even when it’s not the very first in spring and summer, we think it is well worth getting up early for.


Sunrise on Cadillac Mt


Freedom to wander

Jordan Pond

The 3.3 mile loop around Jordan Pond was one of our favorites. The trail is very flat and easy and offers some iconic views of Acadia National Park, such as the one below.


Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole is often described as a place where the “thunder of the seas” hits the rocky shores of the Maine Coast. When waves hit the small inlet naturally carved out of the rocks, it sounds like the clap of a distant thunder. And as a bonus, water can splash quite high when high tide is rolling in. The main area by the inlet can get a little crowded at times, but you can just walk all over the cliffs in the surrounding area and enjoy the sound and view.


Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Bass Harbor was high on the list of our favorite places – we actually went there twice since it was a bit foggy the first time around. Even in less than perfect weather this is a great place to visit. There is parking near the top of the lighthouse, which can get busy. But if you take the stairs down and hike further out on the rocks, it’ll be much more quiet.


Beal’s Lobster Pier

I don’t think I even remember how many countless lobsters we ate on this trip – there was hardly a meal without a appetizer/side/main of Maine lobster. Interestingly there aren’t that many lobster pounds in the Bar Harbor area – but luckily we found Beal’s. We definitely recommend visiting a lobster pound rather than going to a regular restaurant – the lobster is both fresher and cheaper there 🙂



Bar Harbor Boardwalk

Situated right outside of our hotel, the Bar Harbor Inn, the boardwalk was a great way to take a walk along the coastline.


Stroll around BAR HARBOR Town

Besides all the natural beauty, the lobster themed town itself is fun to explore. Among the many things, you can try lobster flavored ice cream, enjoy a hand tossed pizza, and get your lobster souvenirs.


Whale Watching

Let us not forget the puffin and whale watching where they guarantee you will see a whale or two.


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