New York City Off the Beaten Path – for Second or Third Timers

New York, NY – where should I begin to introduce you? As a city where 20 million+ people call home? As a diverse mecca where over 800 languages can be heard? As a power house where diplomacy, economy, and art converge? This list can go on to fill the entire page.

It is no wonder that NYC receives over 40 million visitors per year. Both Thorsten and I have visited multiple times before this and done most of the touristy must do’s – Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Metropolitan, Opera, Broadway, Time Square, etc.

Some people say “never say never”, but I know I will never cross NYC off my list because we cannot get enough of it. So when we planned our East Coast road trip, we chose NYC to be our final stop. But this time around, we filled our exploration with off-the-beaten-path places. We hope you will also never cross NYC off your travel list and these 7 nom nom gems will inspire you to go back!

1. Highline

A hip, yuppy neighborhood where you can wander, shop and get lost. We meandered into a beer garden where double fisting isn’t such a great idea. (The mugs are very heavy :P)


2. Koreatown

It would be a shame to pass the Empire State building without a stop in Koreatown to grub on some crispy fried chicken – Turntable is our favorite! And just in case you have room left in your stomach afterwards, you can stop by any of the bakeries nearby for dessert.


3. Splurge on Michelin Starred Dinner(s)

Eleven Madison Park is definitely one of the best dinning experiences that we have ever had. Some of our favorites were: tuna on tuna bone, deconstructed sunflower, picnic on white table top, and drinks personifying the cards that you pick (mine turned out to be very strong … ops).



Don’t have the time to fly to Japan for sushi? On the east coast, NYC might be your best bet. We loved both the entertainment and the fresh fish at Sushi Nakazawa.


5. Chinatown

Ok, I admit Chinatown is not off-the-tourist path. But how can you go to NYC without grubbing on Chinese food? Lam Zhou Hand Made Noodles & Prosperity Dumpling are my favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinatown grub spots.


6. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Burn off some calories walking across the Brooklyn Bridge while enjoying a fabulous views of Manhattan skyline. I would recommend taking the metro to the Brooklyn side first and walk back on the bridge so you can soak in the view as you walk towards Manhattan (instead of looking over your shoulders). While you are on the Brooklyn side, don’t forget to explore a little, sip some coffee, and check out some art.


Thought this one warranted some more pictures!




7. Rooftop Bar

The Peninsula alfresco bar is a perfect place to grab a pre-dinner drink and relax with a top notch view.


Over to you

What are some of Your FavoritE Off The Beaten Path NYC Spots?

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