12 Michelin Stars in 12 Days

Our 2016 Euro trip felt like touring food heaven. It was hard to pick one favorite meal. So here is our thoughts on who won in each category.

Best Amuse – FG

Piccalilly in a cone. Canelés topped with foie gras. These amuses teased us to crave more.


Best Meat – Vendôme

The lamb three ways here tastes just as good as it looks.


Best Fish – La Table D’Akihiro

Although this lunch did not add to our Michelin star count, it rivaled many of the fish dishes and came out on top – the execution was perfection! If I didn’t see Aki make it in the kitchen from the raw ingredients, I would have thought it was cooked with the sous vide method. His years  of experience cooking at L’Ambroisie really showed.


Best Veggies – Le ChateauBriand

For those who know us, knows that we are carnivores. However, the roasted artichoke, spring flowers, lettuce, and pea sorbet delighted our tongues as much as our eyes.


Most unusual – mugaritz

Roasted clove of garlic. Wheat. Thousand layers of leaf. What an adventure – never thought I would eat such things in their plain form.


Most Creative presentation – arzak

Mango sorbet served on a beer can. Sea bass floating on top of a sandy beach. Shrimp under a crispy seaweed shell. Great experience overall


Best Texture – Vendôme

Playful, yet sophisticated. The textures were so intriguing that it left my tongue wanting more when my stomach was full.


Best Re-Creations – Bord’Eau

Apple with an apple sorbet + chocolate core surrounded by sugar globe on top of puff pastry. Egg with chocolate layers. Plus, re-created tulip in wheatgrass field.


Best ReMake -Vendôme

Who would have thought Toffifee could get even better when remade as ToffiVee with the main ingredient being foie gras.


Most Fun at the Table – FG

Liquid nitrogen white Bloody Mary. Cotton candy filled with surprises.


Most Thoughtful – MUGARITZ

Seven deadly sins in not so deadly form – to the right are greed and gluttony.


Best Dessert – Arzak

Tough category, but the melting chocolates sealed the deal in the end.


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