Use cloudHQ to migrate photos and videos between clouds

I currently keep all my photos and videos stored on Amazon Cloud Drive. Photo storage there is great as there are no file size limits and even NEF files (Nikon Raw format) are counted towards the free unlimited allowance that comes with Amazon Prime. For videos their rate is a reasonable $59.99/yr for each TB.

I also maintain a Dropbox account to sync and store all of my files, which recently changes from 1TB to 2TB of storage. Now that I have an additional TB of storage, I was trying to find the best options to migrate my existing video files from Amazon Cloud Drive to Dropbox.

While I could download and re-upload everything, doing this for 700-800GB of data is quite painful and will take a long time thanks to Comcast’s snail speed upload speed in San Francisco. A much better solution would be to synchronize these two clouds directly without the need of the data passing through my computer.

When researching this I came across cloudHQ, which I used a few years ago for a similar task of consolidating data between both providers – just in the opposite direction as I was moving my photos from Dropbox to Amazon. It turns out that cloudHQ might be the best tool for this job as well – their Premium plans start at $39.90/month or $119/year and come with unlimited storage, something that other providers lack. It’s also really easy to get started. Setting up the sync pair in their web interface took a few minutes and synchronization started immediately.

While cloudHQ has many more advanced features, all I need for this job is a simple one-way replication of existing data from an existing directory at Amazon Cloud Drive into a new directory at Dropbox. I like the tamper detection that automatically re-copies files to ensure that I don’t end up with corrupted data at the destination.

If you’re looking to move data between Clouds, definitely check out cloudHQ. The free trial lets you move 2GB between free services only, but that should give you a good idea on how to use the product.

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