2 Days in Paris: NomNom stops between the sights

To top off our food centric Euro-trip last year that brought us to 12 Michelin stars in 12 days, we made a 2 day stop in Paris. We got greedy — we wanted to hit the top sightseeing destinations while eating as much pastries and yummy food as possible. Below is a photo centric account of […]

10 Spots for Your Iceland Winter Stopover

Thinking about Iceland? You don’t have to wait for the summer. Iceland is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination with cheap flights and unlimited stop overs. We took advantage of this on our way to Germany for Christmas. Below are some of our favorite spots to give you some ideas of what to do in Iceland […]

Bordeaux in 3 Days

Thorsten proposed to me on a vineyard. We thought it was only appropriate to have our first year anniversary be a wine trip. We packed up and set off to explore Bordeaux and Rioja region (and squeezing in Barcelona, Madrid, and San Sebastian on the way). Bordeaux was definitely one of the highlights. As a […]