2 Days in Paris: NomNom stops between the sights

To top off our food centric Euro-trip last year that brought us to 12 Michelin stars in 12 days, we made a 2 day stop in Paris. We got greedy — we wanted to hit the top sightseeing destinations while eating as much pastries and yummy food as possible. Below is a photo centric account of […]

12 Michelin Stars in 12 Days

Our 2016 Euro trip felt like touring food heaven. It was hard to pick one favorite meal. So here is our thoughts on who won in each category. Best Amuse – FG Piccalilly in a cone. Canelés topped with foie gras. These amuses teased us to crave more. Best Meat – Vendôme The lamb three ways here tastes […]

E for Eat-All-You-Can

These are not your typical fatty buffets – they are all you can eat Asian feasts. We had so much fun discovering all these options. Hope you will enjoy feasting at some of these places as well! 1. IPot Solid choice! Nice atmosphere, wide selection of quality meat + veggies, plus great Chinese hot pot and […]

New York City Off the Beaten Path – for Second or Third Timers

New York, NY – where should I begin to introduce you? As a city where 20 million+ people call home? As a diverse mecca where over 800 languages can be heard? As a power house where diplomacy, economy, and art converge? This list can go on to fill the entire page. It is no wonder that NYC […]