Top 8 Things to Do in Bar Harbor Maine

Before we moved from Virginia to California, we did a east coast road trip. One of the highlights was Bar Harbor  area and Acadia National Park (America’s first nation park). Here you will find our favorite 8 spots in this photo journal. Cadillac Mountain In the fall and winter, sunrise on Cadillac Mountain is the first visible […]

10 Things to do in Monterey

2 hrs south of San Francisco, you will find a bustling metropolis of marine life – Monterey County dotted with quaint towns. To our pleasant surprise when we were here in August, BBC was filming Big Blue Live. The marine life was suppose to be at peak activity due to unusual warm currents. But no […]

5 Yosemite Views without the Hike

When my parents came to visit San Francisco, they wanted to go to Yosemite National Park. Because they couldn’t walk long distances or hike, we had to search for easily accessible viewing points. Naturally, most articles were focused on the great hikes instead of views that you don’t need to hike to. When I saw a good picture, I wasn’t […]

Top 7 Things To Do on the Island of Maui Hawaii

Given the proximity to Hawaii from the mainland US west coast and the recent flight deals, we hope sharing Maui highlights from our trip will help you plan yours. 1. Mt Haleakala — Sunset or Sunrise Sunrise on Mt Haleakala is suppose to be more spectacular than the sunset, but it is also suppose to be more […]