October 27, 2015

Tasting A to Z

We love to treat our stomachs and the possibilities are endless in San Francisco. So we set off on a mission to explore SF food in a targeted way: pick one theme every other week inspired by the letter we are on. If you have ideas/restaurant suggests for the next letter, give us a shout!

“I am not a great cook, I am not a great artist, but I love art, and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller.” Michael Palin

E for Eat-All-You-Can

These are not your typical fatty buffets – they are all you can eat Asian feasts. We had so much fun discovering all these options. Hope you will enjoy feasting at some of these places as well! 1. IPot Solid choice! Nice atmosphere, wide selection of quality meat + veggies, plus great Chinese hot pot and […]

D for Dim Sum

San Francisco hails to be the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Its history is rooted by immigrants from Guangdong province of China, a region known for its dim sum. Today, it is no doubt that dim sum is part of the culture here, hence the theme for our next letter – D for Dim Sum. 1. […]

C for Chicken

Some people crave chocolate … others crave cheese … I crave fried chicken. Although there were lots of choices for C (Chinese, churros, crabs, etc.), C had to be chicken for me. Below is an account of our search for the best chicken in San Francisco. Brenda’s French Soul Food Brenda’s easily tops the chicken list! The […]

B for Burrito

B had fierce competition: brunch, beer, Burmese, bratwurst … and the list can go on. But when it came to the final decision, it was a no brainer – burritos! If you google mission burritos, you will find 527,000 results. There’s even a wiki about it. When you search on Yelp, there’s dozens of options […]

A for Aperitif

I got introduced to the concept of aperitifs when I went on my post-graduation trip to Italy. There, it was typical to begin your evening out by sipping some pre-dinner drinks and nibble on snacks while the group decides on what to do for the rest of the evening. I thought it was only appropriate to […]